Adjectives, Doughnuts in Rhyme, and Excellent White Bread (ca. 1900)

I recently stumbled across an unusual copy of Thomas Wadleigh Harvey’s Elementary Grammar and Composition (Cincinnati, New York: Van Antwerp, Bragg & Co., Eclectic Press, copyright 1880). The book has been almost entirely repurposed, with the text obscured by newspaper clippings of recipes and remedies that look to be mostly late 19th century. Recipes for all your old favorites can be found in its pages—mush, corn pone, doughnuts in rhyme, Philadelphia puffs, cod balls, and of course, excellent white bread. The book also includes several handwritten medical remedies, including the long-lost cure for small pox (prevents it too) and a general “cure all” for anything else. A few pages of the grammar remain, so all is not lost for the student hungry for a parsing lesson or two.

(above) This grammar is likely the fist to appear with its own drinking cup.

(below) A prescription for smallpox found with one for dangling participles. Please don’t try at home!

Be sure to read the full story and see more images here.

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